Assault Trial In Brooklyn, New York – Verdict- Not Guilty of All Charges

Our client was arrested and charged in Kings County, New York with assault, harassment and menacing in December 2009. On behalf of our client we filed a series of motions to protect our client’s Constitutional Rights. The Judge granted several pretrial hearings. Those hearings were held and lead to a trial that took place in Brooklyn, New York.

In June 2011, a trial was held in Kings County, New York Criminal Court were the prosecutor called several witnesses. Each of the prosecution witnesses was cross-examined by Carl Spector. At the conclusion of all the testimony the Judge found our client NOT GUILTY of all the charges.

If you have been arrested or charged with assault or any crime in New York including DWI in New York, then call the Attorneys with at 1 800 879 6410 for an analysis of your case. We will provide experienced and personal attention to you and your case.

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