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In A New York DUI And DWI Case Does The Two Hour Rule Exclude Testimony of a Refusal

In New York DWI and DUI cases there used to exist a two hour rule which applied to the exclusion from evidence of a chemical test result that was performed more than two hours after the arrest of the motorist. This rule was also applied in the New York DMV to exclude into evidence at […]

New York DWI Reduced To Reckless Driving

Recently we represented a client in New York that was charged with a DWI and had a refusal to take the breath test.   After months of our law firm filing motions with the court to protect the rights of our client, against the prosecutor the case was ready for trial.  After extensive negotiations with the […]

Another New York DWI Refusal Hearing Win

At a recent New York DWI Refusal Hearing we successfully argued that the police lacked probable cause for the arrest.  The refusal report was put into evidence during the hearing that was held at the New York Department of Motor Vehicles Hearing  Office. We argued that the refusal report lacked the requisite specificity required to […]