Is A Traffic Accident Necessarily Proof Of Intoxication?

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No, a traffic accident is not necessarily proof of intoxication. There are thousands of traffic accidents across the nation everyday that are not the result of alcohol use.

If you are in an accident in New York, the police will respond and investigate the cause. It is during this time that the police officers will reach certain conclusions as to the cause of the accident.

If the police officer concludes that alcohol played a part in the cause of the accident that can be challenged in court by an experienced attorney.

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Arrested For DWI In New York? What Do You Do Now?

Being arrested and charged with a DUI/DWI is a stressful experience. Everyone knows that a conviction carries with it some very serious potential consequences. Your first reaction is to be overwhelmed. You say to yourself, “What do I do now?” What many people don’t know is that once you understand the process you can more easily manage the problem.

Part 1 – Can Police Officer Observations Be Challenged?

Prior to a police officer pulling you over, he may have already reached several conclusions based upon observations he has made even before he approached you in our vehicle. These conclusions may be incorrect and should be challenged in court.

The officer may have observed your driving behavior or a violation of the vehicle and traffic law. These observations, while important to the police and the prosecutor, can and should be challenged by an experienced attorney.

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