New York Attorney Defending Petit Larceny Charge – Shoplifting Charges – Penal Law Section 155.25

Many people are charged every year with shoplifting or petit larceny in New York. The New York penal law section for petit larceny is section 155.25. This charge is a class “A” misdemeanor and if convicted will give you or add to your criminal record.

There are many defenses to this charge and anyone that is charged with petit larceny should contact our office to discuss the case to determine the best course of action. Please call 917 744 6593.

Many people charged with shoplifting or petit larceny are given a desk appearance ticket to appear either in a New York Criminal Court or in Community Court.

Being charged with petit larceny or shoplifting can be a very emotional event. Contact our office and we will be happy to discuss the matter fully with you.