FAQ: Can I Get A Copy of the Police Video From My Arrest in New York City For a DWI, DUI or Driving While Impaired?

Many people ask me whether they can get a copy of the video recording of them after their arrest for a driving while intoxicated DWI or DUI in New York City.
The answer is YES.
The video recording of you at the police department can contain vital information and be critical as evidence for and against you in a DWI case.
Therefore, the law requires that the prosecutor turn over to you and your attorney a copy of the video recording.
The recording often times shows key pieces of evidence such as how the police explained and demonstrated the standard field sobriety tests, the actual chemical test, how the refusal warnings were given and what if any statements made by you were before or after the Miranda warnings were given.

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New York Lawyer Carl Spector Given Clients’ Choice Award 2015

Carl Spector, New York Lawyer was awarded a Clients’ Choice Award by AVVO for 2015. Mr. Spector was recognized for his commitment to outstanding service in the field of DWI, DUI and Criminal Defense work in New York and New Jersey. The award is based upon actual client feedback and reviews that are publicly posted on the website AVVO. Mr. Spector works closely with all of his clients, educating them and advocating for them. This award exemplifies Mr. Spector’s commitment to his clients.

New York Department of Motor Vehicle Chemical Test Refusal Hearing For DWI Cases

What to expect at the first appearance to the DMV Chemical Test Refusal Hearing.

At your first appearance to the DMV, the refusal hearing may take place if the arresting officer appears for the hearing. If the officer does not appear at the DMV then as long as the motorist does not have any other suspensions, the administrative law judge will reinstate the motorist’s driving privileges on the spot. If the police officer does appear at the DMV the hearing will take place and you run the risk of losing your right to drive in New York as a result. If the police officer does appear you may ask for a postponement of the hearing. If the judge grants the postponement the judge will continue your suspension until the results of a hearing that will be held several months later.

Does the motorist need an attorney at the hearing?

It is highly recommended that you have your own attorney at the refusal hearing. There are many rules and regulations that an experienced attorney can explain to the motorist and can be a great benefit to the motorist.

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Refusal Hearing Success in New York

We recently had a great result at a Department of Motor Vehicle Refusal Hearing which we would like to share with you. Our client was charged in New York with driving through a steady red light and a driving while intoxicated, DWI.  After being pulled over by the police officer our client was placed under arrest.  The Report of Refusal filled out by the arresting officer and submitted to the Administrative Law Judge at the refusal hearing indicated that our client had blood shot and watery eyes, and a odor of alcohol on his breath.  The report also indicated that our client refused to take the breath test.

At the first scheduled refusal hearing the police officer did not appear.  As a result we were able to get our client’s driving privileges restored.  The refusal hearing was rescheduled for several months later.  At the rescheduled hearing the police officer once again did not appear.  As you know, if you have been reading our blogs, that at that point the ALJ can rely on the written reports submitted to the DMV to establish that the stop of the vehicle was lawful, that the arrest was based upon probable cause, that the refusal warnings were properly given and that in fact there was a refusal that took place.

Once the ALJ admitted the “Report of Refusal to Submit to Chemical Test” into evidence we objected by stating that the report was insufficient to establish probable cause that our client was driving while intoxicated.  The ALJ agreed with our argument and “closed” the matter.

As a result our client won the refusal hearing, avoided any suspension, does not have to pay the $500 fine and does not have to pay the Driver Responsibility Assessment of $750 which is $250 per year for three years.

We are experienced New York DWI attorneys who know the law.  We are here to protect your rights and your drivers license.

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How to Chose A New York DWI Lawyer – How Do We Make A Difference

Our attorneys know that every client is different, every DWI in New York is different but one thing is always the same. Clients want and deserve the highest quality legal representation. How do we do it and why this should be important to you.

1. We take the time with you to understand not only the facts of your DWI in New York but also the way in which the case has and will impact your life and the lives of your family members. As you process the information we provide to you to assist in your defense your questions and focus may shift so we see this is an ongoing process and an ongoing obligation that continues throughout your case.

2. We help provide a road map for your DWI in New York so that you know what to expect as your case unfolds. We know from experience how DWI cases develop, so we can walk you through it to help minimize the guesswork, minimize your anxiety and minimize your stress.

3. We are available to you to discuss strategy, answer questions and provide professional and timeworn advise to navigate your DWI in New York.

4. We give back to you what you lost when you were charged with DWI in New York in the first place. We give you back control and eliminate the helplessness you felt when you were being charged with the DWI charge.

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