FAQ: Can I Get A Copy of the Police Video From My Arrest in New York City For a DWI, DUI or Driving While Impaired?

Many people ask me whether they can get a copy of the video recording of them after their arrest for a driving while intoxicated DWI or DUI in New York City.
The answer is YES.
The video recording of you at the police department can contain vital information and be critical as evidence for and against you in a DWI case.
Therefore, the law requires that the prosecutor turn over to you and your attorney a copy of the video recording.
The recording often times shows key pieces of evidence such as how the police explained and demonstrated the standard field sobriety tests, the actual chemical test, how the refusal warnings were given and what if any statements made by you were before or after the Miranda warnings were given.

Please spend some time speaking to attorneys about your options with regard to your case. I would be happy to speak to you.
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