Can I Get My New York DWI, DWAI Case Dismissed?

YES, our office successfully represented a client charged with driving while intoxicated DWI and driving while ability impaired DWAI in New York and got the case dismissed. The case started with a sobriety checkpoint in which our client was stopped and ordered out of his car to take a field breath screening test known as the Alco-Sensor. After the breath screening revealed alcohol in our client’s system the police made an arrest. Another breath test was performed at the police station with similar results.

Our law office filed motions to protect the rights of our client, demanded police reports from the prosecutor, analyzed the reports, discussed our findings of those reports with our client and we went ahead and presented our position to the District Attorney. In the end, the District Attorney’s Office agreed that there was not enough evidence to prove their case against our client and based upon those conversations the District Attorney’s Office and our law office applied to the judge for a dismissal and the judge agreed to grant a dismissal on all charges.

If you have been arrested or charged with a DWI in New York, call the Attorneys with at 1 800 879 6410 for an analysis of your case. We will provide experienced and personal attention to you and your case.

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