New York DWI Case Reduced – Car Accident Involved

We recently represented a client in New York that was charged with driving while intoxicated, DWI. As part of the case our client is alleged to have caused an accident that resulted in his vehicle striking a taxi and as a result the taxi was forced off the road and struck a pedestrian. The client hired us as his second attorneys to try to resolve this case.

We obtained all the police reports in the case including the accident report. After reviewing these documents and speaking with our client, our law firm engaged the prosecutor in extended and very intense plea negotiations. The prosecutors office was taking a very hard line against our client because the pedestrian had gotten injured in the accident.

As a result of all of our efforts our client was able to avoid any jail time, avoid a DWI conviction, avoid the ignition interlock device being installed in his vehicle and avoid a criminal record. Our client was able to enter into a plea agreement to allow him to plead guilty to driving while ability impaired, DWAI with a minimal suspension and a minimal fine.

We had a very satisfied client, to say the least.

If you have been arrested or charged with a DWI in New York, call the Attorneys with at 1 800 879 6410 for an analysis of your case. We will provide experienced and personal attention to you and your case.

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